Hi there! My name is Lau and I'm a UX/UI designer from Aalborg, Denmark, currently working as web editor at VisitNordjylland, the regional tourist branch in the northern parts of Denmark, taking projects from strategy to layout.

Formerly, I was working as a UX designer at Copenhagen Shipping Exchange, redesigning the sales site of their SaaS-product, Skybox, simplifying navigation and IA as well as designing the layout.

Prior to joining Copenhagen Shipping Exchange, I was hired to do a usability review of their site and sign up process.

In 2011, I did the complete (re)design of a local craft beer store, ├ślKonsortiet, doing concept development, spec requirements, wireframes, UI graphics, usability testing etc.

I am MSc in Experience Design from Aalborg University. I consume quite a bit of UX literature, getting insights such as people preferring a line lenght of 45-72 characters, 10% of the male population being color blind and so forth.

I like doing wireframes, mockups and prototypes using sketches, Balsamiq, Photoshop and HTML+CSS.